Judith and Dan: Storyteller and Musician
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Grimm's Grimmest: The Darker Side of Fairy Tales!  
What happened after Sleeping Beauty is awakened by the Prince's kiss? They do not live happily ever after!  How much blood was spilled before Cinderella tried on that slipper?  What disastrous fate awaits the talking Smoked Sausage?  These are the original tales of the Brothers Grimm as intended for adults... matricide, fratricide, child abuse and cannibalism included.  This 19th Century mayhem is accompanied by Dan on Renaissance Lute, set to 16th Century ballads,  and interpreted by our 21st Century minds.  Our CD, Grimm's Grimmest, has won Parent's Choice Gold Award, a Storytelling World Honors Award, and a National Association of Parenting Publications Honors Award (NAPPA). Recommended ages 10 and up.

The Magic Carpet: Songs and Stories from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt! 
   Tales of Ancient Gods, Quests, Magic, Monsters and Epic Battles
Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia are the settings for this interactive adventure. Join in all the steps to make a mummy in a hilarious and unforgettable song. Hear how a thief outwitted a Pharaoh and stole his treasures 2500 years ago, and witness a duel of magic between a wizard and sorceress to determine the winner of an ancient rivalry between two powerful Mesopotamian kings. These stories are brought to life in ways that would be true to the original texts yet accessible and engaging for modern audiences. Combining entertainment with history, Judith and Dan provide charming and educational performances of the highest order. Egyptian oud, doumbek drum, kinnor harp, sistrum, and ocarina accompany this show. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Unicorns and Dragons:  Legendary Stories with Renaissance Lute
​Medieval Trickster Fairy Kings, Battling Dragons, Arthurian Legends, Ballads of Robin Hood
Go back to a time of wonder and magic!  Witness the origins of Merlin as Dragons battle in the skies!  Find out how King Arthur and Sir Gawain defeated the Black Knight!  Listen to Dan's many songs about mythological creatures including Phyll the Phoenix, Unicorns and Dragons, The Pegasus Song, the Fairy Princess Picklesauce and Pete the Polymorpher! These legends are accompanied with a 15-string Renaissance Lute, the Irish Bodhran and Penny Whistle.  Judith and Dan toured the Illinois Public Library Summer Reading Programs with this show frequently during the 2011  Theme: A Midsummer Knight's Read.

The Myth of Taliesin: From the tales of the Ancient Welsh Mabinogion! 
Taliesin was the first legendary Bard of Wales, a poet, singer, and storyteller.  We honor this great hero in story and song.  Dan's master's thesis, The Ap Huw Manuscript and the Welsh Bardic Tradition of the 16th Century, plays an integral role in this production.  The story, poetry and song are woven over ancient Welsh harp chord patterns transcribed for Renaissance Lute.   Taliesin was also the inspiration for the names of the estates of the renowned Chicago architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This is a unique performance, with magic, intrigue, wit and wonder.  It was performed at Chicago's Celtic Festival and on the Millennium Stage.

Reading is Delicious!  
Judith and Dan whet your appetite for food-inspired stories and songs.  This show was created for an Illinois Public Library summer reading theme.  In addition, they toured 20 Chicago Public Libraries with another culinary feast: A Taste of Chicago in Story and Song. This light-hearted show will make you hungry for more!  Bakers vs. Fairies, animals who shouldn't cook, and oh, what a stew it all makes!

Jack Tales and Fox Tails:  Americana in Songs and Stories!
We've all heard of Jack and the Beanstalk. But that British Jack had an American cousin by the same name who lived in Appalachia and had many adventures. Through his wit, cunning, humor and just plain luck he often saved the day. Did you know Davy Crockett fell in love with Sally Ann Whirlwind? Early American folk songs and ballads, accompanied by guitar, washboard and harmonica musically enhance this show.  Judith and Dan performed this show at 20 Chicago Public Libraries for the Summer Reading Program, Book Beats, in 2011.

Didn't see a show that fits your theme?  Let us know and we'll create one for you!

Interested in learning more?
The Magic Carpet!
Grimm's Grimmest!
Unicorns and Dragons!
During the last twelve years, we have been commissioned to create many new shows.  We have brought these programs to every major museum in Chicago, over 100 libraries, and to international audiences.  We wear period costumes, dress the set, display replica artifacts and perform on period musical instruments.  The following programs are our most popular and oft requested.  We create shows to fit whatever theme is required.  
We are eager to research, write, and perform new shows.
The Myth of Taliesin
Reading is Delicious
Jack Tales and Fox Tails
The Juniper Tree: Sample
The Bird, the Mouse, and the Sausage: Sample
The Mummy Song!
Sekhmet the Lioness Goddess: Sample
Phyll the Phoenix (dedicated to librarians everywhere!)
Walter Jumped a Fox
A Taste of Italy and Chicago!