Judith and Dan: Storyteller and Musician
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Judith and Dan: Storytelling Workshops, Music Classes and Coaching
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Yes, Dan will bring lots of instruments if you ask him to.
Storytelling Workshops for Adults:  From short coaching sessions to all day and weekend intensives. Judith and Dan can prepare you in the art of the short story personal narrative form so popular at the "MOTH" and "Story Slams," to classic epic tales.  They can bring these workshops to you or conduct them at Judith's Story Studio in Chicago. Levels: beginners to advanced.  For anyone who wants to develop and refine their storytelling skills including librarians, teachers, minsters, and lawyers. Special workshops for students.

Residencies:  Bring Judith and Dan to your school for multi-week storytelling and music instruction, supporting your school's curriculum and common core standards.  Through the Illinois Arts Council Arts in Education Program, Judith has led over 18 weeks of residencies in Illinois schools.  Subjects included immigration, world war II veterans, fables and historical personages.  

For more information on Judith and Dan's workshops and residencies, call or email anytime! 

The Art of Storytelling from Beginners to Advanced
So You Think You Can't Sing?
So, you can't sing?  Do you want to? Why do you think you can't?  This workshop is designed for all those who are afraid to sing, never tried to sing, or were once told they couldn't sing and therefore never do. Judith is a prime example! But after working in partnership with Dan for over 12 years she can testify that his methods work.  If you can talk, you can sing.  Dan will teach the very basics of producing a tone and hearing pitch, and give exercises and a plan to be a singer in the future.  Judith will take participants through a series of exercises that uncover the underlying stories that we tell ourselves about why we can’t sing. At the end of this workshop participants will have an original story with song and/or and a song that enhances their story.  

Judith teaches both beginner and coaches advance storytellers on their path to becoming better performers.  This workshop is for all ages, and is especially useful to those starting a storytelling career, or any road to public speaking.  Through intense theatre exercises and introspective process, Judith untaps your own inner story, unlocking your true potential and unleashing your inner bard.  Dan often hangs out and plays music to accompany your story.  He also manages the website which mean he gets to be snarky.